About CLCA’s Legal Hotline

Do you have a situation for which you need general legal advice or clarity? Have questions about construction law? CLCA’s attorney on retainer is a valuable resource that offers guidance to members. Assistance is just a phone call away.

Porter Law Group specializes in construction law, labor and employment law and business entities. This Northern California firms provides consulting and litigation services in a variety of areas including mechanics’ liens, stop notices, bond claims, construction defects, contract claims, prevailing wages, bid protests and labor and employment matters. Its clients include large as well as small contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.

Members should keep in mind that this free advice will be general and brief. Members who need legal representation, in-depth advice or other legal services will be charged a fee.

To access this member benefit, call attorney Bill Porter at the Porter Law Group, (916) 381-7868. Your CLCA membership will be verified.