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April 2019


2019 Calendar of Events

State Bills up for a Vote in Sacramento
April 3-4
, Wednesday-Thursday

The legislation committee will head to our state capital to inform representatives about the current laws affecting the C27 license. Attached are the bills up for a vote which will impact the green industry in California. Stay tuned for progress and photos from Legislation Day 2019. (This is not an open event, for members of the Legislation committee only.)

2-day event in Sacramento, CA. See attached PDF for information.
Contact Andrew Tuckman, Legislative Director:

Chapter Board Meeting
April 4
, Thursday

12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m, Come to the Chapter Board Meeting at its relatively new location: The Hideout. Share lunch and get involved with your local chapter. Contact Justin White:

Irrigation/Efficiency Workshop
April 5
, Friday

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Cabrillo College Horticulture Center, local water agencies are sponsoring a workshop focusing on improving water use efficiency for non-turf landscape areas. Recent analysis shows that non-turf areas can be leading contributors to site water use inefficiency. Share your perspectives, gain knowledge, check out some new products and enjoy a free lunch. The City of Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek Water District will share rebate and water rate news, Rain Bird will be on hand for product demonstrations, as well as landscape and water industry professionals.

Sign up at:

Click here for PDF of the schedule for the day.

Free lunch will be provided!

April 20, Saturday

Community Workday Project at the Live Oak Grange

1:00 to 4 p.m. at 1900 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz. In collaboration with students in the Irrigation course at Cabrillo College a new drip irrigation system will be installed for the existing Grange orchard. Read more under “Events” below or contact Michael Johnson, California H2orticulture Services at (831) 325-3376.

May 16, Thursday

Spring Mixer and Drop-off for Beautification Packets!

5:30 to 8 p.m. at Beer 30 Pour House & Bottle Shop, 2504 South Main Street, Soquel, CA
More info: Katia Velasquez at or (831) 331-1874.


April 2019 President’s Message

by Justin White, Chapter President, K&D Landscaping Company

Relationships Are Everything

Justin White.jpg

Not only is this tagline one of the CLCA’s core values, but it rings more true for us every day. We had our annual Suppliers Night last month and it was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came out to support the chapter and learn about upcoming, innovative products in our industry. We had many first-time suppliers and first-time contractors. We also had the dean of the Horticulture Dept. of Monterey Peninsula College attend, along with three other community college professionals. They’re interested in aligning their teaching with the skills we require from new applicants, so keep your eyes out for a survey coming soon to help them build their course curriculum.

Relationships are everything; from the connections you make with your vendors, to your clients and most importantly, your employees. I have found that building the right relationships can bring happiness, success and valuable support to help you through the tough times in life and business. The relationships I’ve built with local vendors and suppliers have helped my business run more smoothly while saving time and money. One place I have found some amazing relationships is the CLCA, and more specifically the CLCA Central Coast board. If you are interested in getting more involved and helping out with some fun projects, come to one of our board meetings. Drop me a line or send me an email and I’ll give you more information on how to get involved!

I would like pay respects to a recently fallen member of our CLCA family, Gary Quilici, who is no longer with us.  He is brother to Randy Quilici and part of the great Quilici Landscape Company. He will be remembered as a loving son, father, grandfather and brother. He will be deeply missed. Please take a minute and read about Gary’s wonderful life:

As we turn the page from winter to spring, we are reminded of the beauty of our surroundings. Take some time this month to observe and appreciate the radiant plants blooming around us and that even during the darkest days of winter, there is always light right around the corner! 

To our success,
Justin White
CEO, K&D Landscaping Inc.

Link to Partner’s Feature: Fernando Terrazas for Rain Bird

This month Fernando Terrazas, a new partner, is featured in our “Partner’s Corner.” This article appears on the website and you can find it HERE (scroll down the page.)


Suppliers & New Member Night 2019


Above: The CLCA Central Coast Suppliers & New Member Night was a huge success this year. Many attended this popular event located at the beautiful Seascape Resort.


March 19, 2019 –
Seascape REsort, Aptos CA

Wow, what a night! Annual Suppliers and New Member Night March 19, 2019 was a huge success! Industry vendors came together to display their wares, discuss their products and services. It was great to see so many manufacturers, distributors, and contractors in the same room sharing the latest information. Complimentary supplier/new member dinners were enjoyed thanks to Central Coast Chapter. This is, and was, our biggest local trade show format event of the year.

This vibrant evening was orchestrated by Central Coast’s Katia Velasquez. Over a hundred people, suppliers, chapter members, new club members, contractors all gathered to share new information and enthusiasm for the work that we do. The event took place at Seascape Golf Club, Clubhouse Drive in Aptos, overlooking the green of the course and the view of Monterey Bay. Thank you to all who made this event the success that it was.

Many photos below.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this event happen!


Special Announcements


Cabrillo College

Irrigation/Efficiency Workshop

Soquel Water and the City of Santa Cruz are partnering to provide a landscape contractor-oriented workshop that will cover challenges related to non-turf irrigation. We are talking about shrubs and trees here, as emerging data is showing that over irrigation can be more problematic in shrub/tree zones than with turf. We need some landscape contractor presence; field experience with the pros and cons of using drip v spray, customer satisfaction, dealing with agencies etc. are pertinent themes for the discussion. John Ossa from Rain Bird will be on hand to provide a product demonstration. Representatives from Soquel Water and the City of Santa Cruz will provide overviews of rebate programs, water rates and landscape water use regulations. And so to round things out, can you present the landscape contractor perspective? Sign up at:

When: Friday April 5th from 10am to 3pm
Where: Cabrillo College Horticulture Center

Free lunch will be provided! Informational link, please share.

Roy Sikes | Water Conservation Specialist
Soquel Creek Water District | 5180 Soquel Dr., Soquel CA 95073 |
direct 831-475-8501 x146 | main 831-475-8500



Community Workday Project, Volunteers Needed


Garden plots at the “Rainbow” Community Garden in Live Oak

Garden plots at the “Rainbow” Community Garden in Live Oak

by Michael Johnson

Our board recently approved supporting a community workday project at the Live Oak Grange, in collaboration with students in the Irrigation course at Cabrillo College. The date of the workday is Saturday, April 20, 1-4 p.m. A group of Cabrillo horticulture students are designing a drip irrigation system for the existing Grange orchard. The plan for the workday is to install the system based on their design. We’ll be installing a flow meter, two AVB valve manifolds, a battery-operated timer, trenching and burying lines, and connecting inline emitter tubing for approximately 35 fruit trees.

Through collaborative workdays like this, we can strengthen our connections with students who are interested in horticulture, and who could be our next employees or colleagues in landscape contracting. We’ll also be improving a long-standing community demonstration orchard with multiple varieties of citrus, apple, plum, fig, pear, and persimmon trees. We’ll also be supporting a local Grange with a mission that promotes and supports sustainable horticulture and community resilience. 

We can expect about 10 Cabrillo students and a few “Grangers” to help on the workday. If we can get 10 CLCAers, then 20+ people (and a trencher, we need a trencher) should knock this out in a couple of hours. I’ll create a work plan and send it out along with the design prior to the workday. I think this is a great opportunity to work with local organizations and students to build knowledge and support a valuable horticultural resource in our community. Please let me know if you have questions, plan to attend, and plan to bring a trencher. 

When: Saturday April 20th from 1pm to 4pm
Where: Live Oak Grange, 1900 17th Avenue, Live Oak, Santa Cruz

Big thanks to Ewing (Branch 9, Santa Cruz) and Netafim for offering materials donations. I look forward to seeing many of you there! 

Michael Johnson, California H2orticulture Services
(831) 325-3376

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Board Meeting Minutes

Central Coast Chapter CLCA November Board Meeting

By Phil Dundas, Secretary

March 7, 2019, present: Justin White, Katia Velasquez, Tish O’Reilly, Phil Dundas, Elise Huffman, Ki Bowman, Andrew Tuckman, Regan Barry, Michael Johnson, Matt Gomez, Chris Elliot, Jerry Allison

Call to order by Justin White at 12:05 p.m.

1. Meeting

It was moved and 2nd to approve the minutes of the February meeting. All voted in favor.

2. Committee Updates

a. Communication/website/newsletter: Elise reviewed the changes to payments.  Newsletter process for comments and advertising. Set up E-Blast for Beautification Awards.
b. Membership: Tish is making calls and collecting applications
c. Golf Committee: Matt is working on the next tournament
d. Legislative: Andrew will provide a summary after the legislation day April 3-4
e. State Board Report: Regan is working on strategic planning. Request for more marketing and reimbursement from state.

2. Suppliers Night

a. Communication/website/newsletter: Elise reviewed the changes to payments. Newsletter process for comments and advertising. Set up E-Blast/webpages for Beautification Awards soon.  
b. Membership: Tish is making calls and collecting applications  
c. Golf Committee: Matt is working on the next tournament
d. Legislative: Andrew will provide a summary after the legislation day April 3-4
e. State Board Report: Regan is working on strategic planning. Request for more marketing and reimbursement from state. 

4. Community Project

Michael discussed the Live Oak Grange with Cabrillo Students

5. Education Dinner

Tentatively scheduled for 4/25 on Dig Safely-811

6. Justin is looking for new Board members for 2020

The meeting was adjourned at 1:43 p.m.

Andrew Tuckman hands the CLCA Central Coast banner over to Katia Velasquez, the new Events Coordinator.

Andrew Tuckman hands the CLCA Central Coast banner over to Katia Velasquez, the new Events Coordinator.